Friday, July 3, 2009

Arti in Boulder

Arti has been hanging around Boulder for the past week or so, tooling around town and helping with some craft projects.

On the way back from a shopping trip, he stopped at the scenic overlook to get a view of Boulder:

On Wednesday, he went to see the preview of Hamlet at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, at least until the giant thunderstorm in the middle of the performance...

Arti has been helping out with cooking. Here he is helping to shell peas from the garden for lunch:

Arti has been learning all kinds of new crafts. He was a little scared of the serger at first, but now he is an old hand at serging.

He helped tie up some scarves for arashi shibori....

Arti mostly just watched the wool picker, because the sharp nails are pretty dangerous for little visitors.

He also helped make a wet felted hat...

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