Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few days in Lhasa

Immediately after arriving in Lhasa, Arti met a welcoming yak! Well, a taxidermied yak, but nonetheless....

The local guide gave him a kata scarf as a greeting. These scarves were popular offerings to Buddha at the temples.

The next day, Arti visited the Potala Palace. Lots of stairs to climb up to the top!

In the courtyard of the Potala Palace - no pictures were allowed inside. The interior has many large shrines to Buddha and the previous Dali lamas, with heavy incense, and floors slipperly with yak butter from the lamps. Pilgrims offer up katas, money, and yak butter for the lamps.

Yak burger for lunch!

In front of the Jokhang Temple is a huge street market of vendors selling everything from religious accoutrements to wool suits. In front of the temple are huge poles covered in prayer flags, and pilgrims circling clockwise and throwing themselves prostrate on the ground.

Roaming about at the Sera monastery on the edge of town.

Farmland and mountains at a poor village on the edge of town.

Arti headed to the Potala Palace in the evening to see it all lit up (as well as a fountain show in the park across the street).

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