Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hong Kong with side of Typhoon

Last stop in China was Hong Kong for two days. On the first day, Arti visited a temple which housed plaques for remembrance of ancestors. The ceiling was covered with big incense coils:

Near the temple was an outdoor market with lots of produce and seafood for sale.

Then Arti headed over to the harbor and took a short cruise around some moored fishing boats.

After the morning, things clouded up quite a bit with lots of rain, due to nearby Typhoon Goni.

In the evening, Arti went on an outing to see Hong Kong at night.

He took the Star Ferry from Hong Kong island over to the mainland, and then toured the night market and got a look at downtown from the top of a nearby hill.

The next day was very rainy, but Arti managed to make it over to the art museum. He learned how to do brush painting at an interactive exhibit.

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